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Road Directions

Les Lombards 
Chemin De Cahuzac
81200 Mazamet, France


Directions from Carcassonne Airport 
to Les Lombards

SatNav Coordinates N43.27.323   E2.20.541

The journey from Carcassonne airport to Les Lombards is 43km and takes 
approximately 40-45 minutes.
Turn right out of Carcassonne airport to the roundabout and then take the last 
exit (taking you back past the airport again).
At the next roundabout follow the sign to Mazamet (4th exit). From here on follow 
the signs at all the roundabouts to Mazamet.
About 10 minutes before you get to us you will drive past a pub/restaurant on 
the right called Les 3 (Trois) Fountaines. You are now 6km from us.
You will notice a sign further down the mountain road on the right for Lac des 
Montagnes and another sign underneath it with a big colourful gnome advertising 
Jouet des Bois.    
You are now seconds away from a turning on the left, signposted Les Lombards, 
La Calmilhe and Gite de Groupe (this turning is highlighted by 2 red and white bollards).    
Take this turning, drive 500m (you will now see 2 houses on the right), take the first 
turning on the right (opposite the recycling bins) - this is a tight turning so take it 
slowly and then drive into the 2nd gate.

Now you’re here!


Directions from Montaigne Noire Holidays 
to Carcassonne Airport

Instead of turning left to go down the mountain to Mazamet turn right and head 
up the mountain. After approximately half an hour of driving along this road you will 
come across a petrol station (bright yellow) on a roundabout – go straight ahead at 
this roundabout.
At the next roundabout follow the sign A61 – this is a right turn.  At the next 
roundabout take the left turn to Perpignon.
Take the next turning on the right – A61. Go straight over the next roundabout.
At the next roundabout go straight over and you will see a big supermarket (L’Eclerc) 
on your right. Go under the bridge.
Follow the sign A61 for Montreal, Mirepoir, Salvaza (this is the airport) on D119.  
At the next turning on the right is the airport.

Have a good journey home


Montagne Noire Holidays